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Arlington Ranked #2 in Nation for BEST Housing Market!

The median home value in Arlington, MA has increased by 14.8% since February 2009!

No. 2: Arlington, MA
Percent change: +14.8
Population: 42,422

Every day we hear doom and gloom in the news about real estate values around the country. Recently national data ranks Arlington, MA #2 in the nation!

Known for its good schools, green parks, low crime rate, and affordable housing, Arlington MA home sales have increased for the last four years, according to The median home value in the city was $475,800 in August, according to the Zillow Home Value Index, and the median sale price was $468,200 as of July 31.
Read more from Bloomberg Businessweek…

This is verification for what we in the industry have seen in the past several years; that other areas in the country and the state may have depressed markets, but this area has been a smart place for buyers to invest their real estate dollars. With education, medicine and technology in the Boston area, confident buyers are flocking to the suburbs, seeking the lifestyle and housing that our vibrant town offers. Read the Bloomberg article, and if you would like to discuss any of your real estate questions, email us today. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Many renovated homes with lots of character in town

Great inventory of homes for first time buyers

Multi Family Home near Arlington Center

Multi Family Home near Arlington Center

Farmers Market in Arlington

Twelve years strong the Arlington MA Farmers Market has been bringing gorgeous fresh produce to town. With at least twelve farms bringing locally produced fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, meats, maple syrup, honey, coffee and flowers, THIS is where you should be shopping each week!

Buy The Freshest Food Here

Supporting local farms and smaller ‘mom-n-pop’ businesses is one of the pleasures of shopping here. You’ll meet hard-working sincere people who believe in what they do, and produce quality you just dont find in ordinary stores these days.

This week I talked to two nice women who wisely team up to share a tent and a good time. From The Greenest Bean ( out of Bedford, Tricia Cowell, who roasts and grinds delicious coffee. And Maureen Harder from Sassy Sauces (, who knocks your sox off with delicious chocolate, caramel and butterscotch sauces. You can put them on… as she puts it “just about everything”. Made from pure ingredients, it just melts in your mouth.

Two of the wonderful Vendors at Arlington Farmers Market
Two of the wonderful Vendors at Arlington Farmers Market

Never go home empty handed ~ there’s something here for everyone!

Ready for the Pot!

Whatever is Growing In Season is available

Running from June 10 – Oct 28, you can find them in Arlington Center (Russel Commons Parking Lot) Wednesdays from 1-6:30pm.

This little weekly fair is run by the energetic Patsy Kramer.

She runs it!
She runs it!

More information can be found on the Arlington Farmers Market web site,

Leaving Cambridge for Parts Further West…

Where is the Stampede going?

Town Sign Arlington MA

Town Sign Arlington MA

As a Realtor I commonly ask folks who visit my Open Houses “Where y’all from?”

Of course there’s a variety of answers… but there’s an obvious TREND going on… There is a high number of people migrating to Arlington from Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, Charleston, Brighton… not from parts West or North. They are invading from the east, much like the British, but with less tea.

A youthful resurgence. It seems young professionals mostly in their twenties and thirties, who have decent jobs are seeking to escape the urban headache, and have set out for parts greener and less pricey. Arlington is still convenient enough to continue working in Cambridge and Boston, so the formula is rich with possibility for these escapees! It seems Arlington is the place to be!

First Time Home Buyers were 50% of the market in 2008

The trend is for a better lifestyle, and once renting gets ‘old’ and you decide that owning your own home is in your future, where do you go? Well, where your friends have gone for starters. Where you can get some green grass and a garage to go with your sleeping quarters, and where you can get a capuccino within walking distance. You will be comforted by the abundance of public transportation, frequent wifi spots, fresher air, a sense of ‘neighborhood’ and distinctly less crime and city dirt.

Once you fully engage the “let’s buy a house” stage you are possibly also thinking of the future, or a growing family and a school system. In the next issue of the Arlington MA Real Estate Blog we will hit on some key resources for living a full life here, including schools and other resources around town. For those of you who get anxious just thinking of leaving ‘the city’ just know you will be surrounded by others with the same complex! But rest assured, Arlington is everything you have been looking for if you want to keep aspects of the city you love and lose the things you don’t.


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